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Pouring a Pint
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Craft beer experts at your fingertips.

We know just about everyone in the craft beer industry in Vietnam and can provide the very best craft beer experiences and expert advice on all things beer-related. Whether you are looking for a beer tour, a brewery experience, a meet and greet with a brewer, advice on starting your own craft beer bar, or just want to learn more about the craft beer scene for a magazine article or a television segment, we can help.


Public, private, and custom beer experiences

Our tour partner is Saigon Craft Beer Tours, which is the only tour company in Saigon dedicated to craft beer experiences in Vietnam. Led by experts who will not only show you where to taste the best beer, but can also teach you about the history of beer, the brewing process and so much more.


Learn to drink like a professional!

Drinking craft beer is more than putting glass to lips - there is a technique to savouring beer and maximizing your enjoyment of it. Our experts can teach you about different beer styles and how to best enjoy them. We can also arrange beer-themed dinners and brewery tours with our industry partners.


We KNOW the craft beer industry in Vietnam

If you are looking for information on the craft beer industry in Vietnam, are seeking advice on including craft beer in your F&B business, or want to learn more about craft beer, we can help. We've assisted journalists, business development teams, bars, and restaurants, and we'll gladly help you too.

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